Welcome to Sharingwood cohousing community. Sharingwood is a neighborhood of 28 homes located in southern Snohomish County (NE of Seattle, between Woodinville and Monroe). Sharingwood is a mixed aged community with lots of children and adults, who live in its 40 units.

Sharingwood is a cooperative community using a model of living called cohousing. Homes are privately owned with some rental spaces and an abundance of shared amenities which include: a 23-acre forested greenbelt with trails, campground, and a stream; playgrounds and a playfield; productive community gardens and fruit trees; and a community center called “the Common House”.

This is a social neighborhood where people strive to know each other and work together cooperatively. We have many social events such as community dinners, parties, and meetings. We use consensus decision-making to decide how to work together to run our community.